MP4 Video Recovery : Way To Recover MP4 Files Quickly

Mp4 is one of the most popular format of Video and it is used in mobile phones and many users keep to store movies in the mobile in MP4 format . When a video gets corrupted then it becomes unplayable or you will not be able to access it .Many of the times it happens that its audios and videos are not synchronized or some time also you will be hear the audio but the video is not visible . There can be a lot of reason of corruption of your MP4 video files such as

Reasons of data corruption

Changing the extension of the MP4 videos : File extension plays a very important role and there are many times when you wish to change the extension of a particular files either manually or by using a third party tool without knowing that the method you are using is correct or not .

Due to attack of virus : You were losing the important files because you are not using a legitimate anti-virus or a high quality tool . So that there become possibilities that the deadly virus enter in your system and infect all your files including MP4 files .

By Shut down the system improperly : If while playing any files such a audios , videos if your system gets shut down then then there is a also chance of data corruption . And if you will try to play corrupted files then you may face the problem in your system .

Corruption of your hard disks : Had disk is a very important parts of the system as it store all your important files and data including installed program and even the operating system and if it gets crashed then you have to face many problem .

No matter what ever the reasons are if you are facing this kind of problem then you must have to use the MP4 Video recovery software as it is one of the bets recovery software to recover your deleted MP4 files. It allows you to repair damage MP4 video files in all the most popular formats . It can not only repair deleted video files but also audio and images too . All the video fixer support batch repair , which allows you to fix several damaged files at once . It supports all the version of mac such as lion , panther , leopard and many more . The demo version of this software is also available on-line from there you can easily see its preview and know about its features or you can also download it directly .

Features of MP4 video recovery software

User Guide For MP4 video recovery software

Step 1) First for the recovery of the media files firstly you need to connect your device with your computer and then launch the application and click on start scan button.


Step 2) And then the list of logical drives and external media recognized by the computer. Now you need to choose the drive for the recovery and click on start scan button and you many also click on advance scan button for the customization .


Step 3) Now with the help of advance scan you will enable to perform selective recovery on your choice and desired recovery thus save extra time for scanning . And now the list of all supported files with types will be displayed and then choose the desired file types for the recovery and click to start scan .


Step 4) And after scanning the full system MP4 recovery software will display the list of all recovered files.


Step 5) When the scanning process will be complete then all the recovered files will be listed in the separate folders on the left pane of the interface .


Step 6) And for the very last select all the files and click on recover button and then save all the file sat their specified location.



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